Trip advisor reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews and the travel platform is trusted by millions of people around the world. 

Founded in 2000, it is the largest travel platform in the world where travelers can share reviews. 

TripAdvisor is where travelers, who are planning or during a trip, will compare prices on accommodation, flights, and cruises. The added bonus is that they can check out the popular local tours and attractions.

TripAdvisor allows you to book accommodation and activities all from the platform and this is why TripAdvisor has proven to be the largest and most profitable platform for hotels.

In this article, let's go over how to have more success on TripAdvisor.


Trip advisor reviews

Why Should All Hotels Be Using TripAdvisor?

Let's look at some industry statistics, and you will be surprised at what it will show.

Tripadvisor is available in nearly 50 countries and translated into dozens of languages.

TripAdvisor is known for its popularity ranking. 

Hotels are ranked based on their reviews by travelers.

According to a survey, 81% of respondents said reviews are important, and only 3% said they are unnecessary.

Statistics suggest that over two-thirds of customers avoid booking a hotel after reading one to three negative feedback.

Now, all these stats support the fact that your target audience TRUSTS the reviews on TripAdvisor.


Neglecting your TripAdvisor listing can be a costly mistake for your business. 

It is a easy to set up a TripAdvisor listing and it will stop you from potentially missing out on a significant source of income for your business.


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Steps To Apply For Your Business Listing.

Check if your business is already listed by checking out – Tripadvisor Listing.

If your business shows up in the search results, it means your listing already exists on TripAdvisor. 

If a TripAdvisor listing already exists for your hotel, you can take 2 steps:

You can claim an existing listing – This is suggested if the reviews and information are positive and correct.

To claim your listing, click on your business name and click the “Claim Your Business” option to sign up for TripAdvisor's Management Center.

If the listing is incorrect or has negative reviews, start the listing all over and optimize it. 

You can create a new business listing by visiting the page – List your business on Tripadvisor.

Or, if you don't see your business in the search results, here's how to add your TripAdvisor listing.

On this web page –  List your business on Tripadvisor.- Select your business type:

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • attractions
  • vacation rentals

The Process For Adding Your Business Listing Is Easy.

Below are the steps to create a new listing or transfer an existing listing:

Step 1: Business Information

Fill out the basic information about you and your business.

Ensure this information is accurate and up-to-date. 

TripAdvisor will send a verification message to the email address you provide.

Step 2: Describe Your property

Add a property description. 

This will help potential guests know more about your business. 

Use the local language and it should not include HTML code, contact details, or use all caps in any of the text.

Step 3: Add Your Profile Photo

The first step to do is to upload your company's logo. 

TripAdvisor's guidelines state that the photo should be in a JPG or GIF file format and maximum file size of 100 KB. (Without any borders or logos).

Step 4: Click On “Submit”

Once you have completed all these steps, submit the application. 

Confirm that you are a representative of the company by clicking the button at the end of the form. 

Then click the “Submit” button.

Upon receiving the information, TripAdvisor editors will review the information and send you a confirmation email.

This can take up to five business days.



Ways To Further Optimise Your Listing On TripAdvisor.

When you have created a listing, you also need to optimize it to get better results. Here are our suggestions:


Verify Your Information

Make sure all the information in your listing is correct. This includes your name, address, phone number, links to your website and email are correct. 

You can make any changes in the Management Center by clicking “Profile” in the top menu and selecting “Manage Entry”. 

This will allow you to update and add all the business information

As a representative of the company, your edits will override any existing content.

Make sure the content of your property's description is rich and attractive and helps you stand out from your competitors. 

Adding information such as opening hours, seasonal activities, suitability for children or groups.
This will also help travelers choose your venue.


happy customers


Upload Photos And Videos

Choose the right type of photos and videos of your property, including swimming pools, restaurants and gardens.

This helps travelers get an idea of their stay ahead of time.


The More Photos You Upload, The Better The Engagement Will Be.


A business can submit an unlimited amount of photos to their listing and those with 30 or more photos have 41% better viewer engagement than listing with 10 photos or less.

Varied photos of the property's highlights will show your potential guests what they can look forward to.
They can see what dining experiences are available, if the pool is for relaxing or if it is more suited for families. The grounds around the building will give a great overview for guests who like natural settings.

Once you have uploaded your showcase images, choose one as your main photo to create a great first impression with travelers.

After You Have Optimised Your Listing, Keep Improving It.

Ways to Improve your TripAdvisor ranking.

Your hotel's ranking on TripAdvisor plays an essential role in improving its online presence and getting more reservations. It is REVIEWS that drives your popularity rankings in the local area

Traveler Rankings: Hotels are ranked by the quality, quantity, and frequency of traveler reviews – and their consistency over time.

trip advisor reviews


TripAdvisor Ranks Your Business Based On These Three Main Factors:


Quality Of Reviews: 

Positive reviews and ratings affect your popularity ranking.

Quantity Of Reviews: 

Encourage your guests to write reviews, as more reviews are better for your popularity ranking. 

Recent Reviews: 

Recent reviews have more weight in your ranking, while older reviews have less influence. You need to keep encouraging each guest to leave reviews.


The More Positive Reviews Will Help Build Trust Faster.

Management of reviews is part of the process as thousands of reviews are being submitted worldwide every day, so don't left behind!

Start by asking your customers at checkout if they enjoyed their stay.

If they answer positively and are not in a hurry – Ask for a review on the spot and this is so easy with Perfect Review's Tap and Review cards.
The review process is simple, and you are ensured that you are collecting positive reviews every day.

IMPORTANT: Offering incentives for reviews is against TripAdvisor's guidelines.


Taking Time To Respond To All Reviews Also Helps Your Rankings.

If a negative review is submitted – These are the reviews that potential guests will read first. When management takes the time to respond and offers a solution, this instils more trust.

We hope that this article helps your business to get MORE business with TripAdvisor reviews!




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