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Directory submissions if done correctly can still play an important role as part of a larger SEO campaign.

But we have to remember that having links from the SEO directory is also no longer enough to rank well with Google, and creative, engaging guest posts on relevant sites that backlink to your website will go further than submitting to directories.

Some of the popular directories that have been around for a number of years are:

Small Business Search

These directories are the ones that are often cited for producing million-page rankings. When asked why these particular directories were seeing so much traffic, they often point to the fact that they are the ones that most of the webmasters submit to. This is because most webmasters are submitting to these directories, and the SEO community often follows this approach. You will find that many of the sites in the rankings come from this approach.

This is still an effective way to build traffic, and ranking with these directories is based on the quality and relevance of the content on the site, and less on the amount of backlinks your site has, which was the emphasis of directory submissions.

In 2018, as part of a larger SEO campaign, do not overlook doing a directory submission today. You should be submitting to as many directories as possible, and be selective of the ones that you should submit to. You should also be following the principles that guide these directories in their evaluation of your submission. The only real downside is that these directories tend to be fairly full right now. In order to ensure a high ranking, you need to build a significant number of links to your site first, which is easier said than done in 2018. Also, if you are posting to a directory that you are not a member of, you risk getting flagged.Free Online Directory

Google Places

In 2018, a new directory was launched in Google, and it has proven to be a success. Google Places is one of the more user-friendly directories, which makes it great for Google AdWords. This means that it is a great way to get a high ranking and even more for search engine traffic, especially for the longer phrases that are not super competitive.

This is one of the more targeted directories, which means that most of the traffic you will get in 2018 will be people looking for specific terms and phrases. As a result, most of the visitors to this directory will come from people looking for the things you sell.

As a result, you should be submitting to Google Places regularly, as well as to other directories.

These are the only directories where you have a better chance of a high ranking, as they require a higher quality, as opposed to the other directories that are all popular

If you can get a high ranking on Google Places, you can get a high ranking on Google in general.

These directories also offer a ton of exposure. At the moment, there are approximately 100 places with listings, and if you're not ranking in the top 20 for these terms, you're in trouble. As a result, these directories are also one of the most lucrative for pay per click advertising.

In 2018, using paid ads is the most cost-effective way to get traffic to your website. You can also get exposure and improve the rankings of your site if you're willing to pay per click. This is one of the best ways to make sure that your website will be visited on a regular basis.

It is a fact that people are more likely to visit a website that is frequently visited. The truth is, however, that it is also more likely to get visitors that will convert them into customers. To become a valuable site, therefore, you need to make sure that you visit other valuable sites.

In order to do this, you have to be vigilant about submitting your site to directories. At the same time, though, you also have to make sure that you're seen in directories. The problem with being seen in directories is that you also need to make sure that you're listed in the top 20.

If you're looking to improve search engine placement for specific terms, you will need to make sure that you are seen in all of the popular directories

You can get exposed, get listed, and get visitors by submitting to many directories, but you need to make sure that you are seen by the search engines for those directories as well. In this way, you can take advantage of the benefits of all of those directories by submitting to many directories at the same time. To make sure that your site will be visited by the search engines and get exposure, be sure to submit to as many directories as possible.

Search Engines want to see your site in as many directories as possible. The idea is to ensure that your site will be seen by the search engines and get the right exposure. It is also the aim of search engines to be seen by the users as well, so the more directories you submit, the more your site will be seen by the users. The more your site is seen by the users, the higher the chance of you being visited by the search engines as well. Having your site visited by search engine spiders is the aim of the submission process as well. By submitting to a lot of directories at the same time, you are sure to get more spiders to visit your site.

One of the most popular things that people do on the Internet is checking out the backlinks that other sites have

A backlink is simply a link to your site on another site. It can be on a page, in the footer of a page, or embedded in the website itself. When you click on a backlink, you will be taken to a page that shows the backlink itself, the page it was on, and any other websites that have links to yours. So in the words of the search engines, “the more links you have, the better.”

By submitting to a lot of directories, you can improve your chances of getting a link from those directories. This could be your very own footer on a high-traffic page or a backlink on a page that only has a few pages. It can be anything, as long as it's a backlink.

Backlinks are also an important part of the search engine ranking process. So, you can try submitting to a lot of different directories, but keep in mind that backlinks are ranked based on several factors. It takes many minutes to many hours to submit your site to thousands of sites.

If you have built a ton of backlinks recently, it is possible that you have been bumped out of the search engine's list of directories to which you were submitting.

It's a lot more complex but essentially in 2021 the same principles still apply:

Quality Content: Google's interest is in the quality of content you create. In an ideal world, your content would be authoritative and relevant to the keywords you're trying to rank for, however directories are now used for this. Getting your site or blog listed in directories is still important however their authority is lessened slightly because they are not used as much for SEO purposes. Do you have the best quality content on your website? The more popular your content is the more authority you have, the more you content is popular the more links you will get. This can get very complicated, however. The first thing is to check for duplicate content. Google will pick up the duplicate content so you need to check every page, you also need to make sure you only have authoritative content. It's easy to write content but you need to make sure it's authoritative and has authority, the more you make sure you'll get results quicker and easier.

Research: You need to have solid research into what directories you need to submit to. There are millions of directories online, how do you determine which are the most relevant? Do your research before you decide to submit, check the directory comments to see if anyone has already submitted, look at the category and do you find anything similar to your site. You need to know what directories are used, it's no longer a case of ‘we'll build a link and get listed. It's now a lot more complex, with each step taking time and work.

High PR sites: With Google giving you high PR links you will be doing well, this will help your link building, you will get fast rankings and as the PR increases so so the authority of your site increases.

Links: Link popularity and authority are gained through links, as the link becomes more authoritative the more authority the site you're linked to will have, you will not get as many links overnight however links will grow steadily, one good link will become many and as the site links to your site the links become more significant, if you have a number of good quality links then this will give you authority, you will also get a lot of exposure.

The link is by far the most important part of SEO, the more authority you have the higher your page rank will be

The more links you will have the more links you will get. The more a site links to your site the more authority the site will have and as you get more links the more authority you will have, you will become more and more visible.

Link building is what really builds authority, the more links you will get the more authority you will have, the more a site links to your site the more you will be visible in the search engines.

Targeted links

If a site links to you and your site has a high PR you will do well in the rankings, also try to aim for sites that are specific to your site, specific to your niches, such as your product, your area or a particular style. The more a site targeted to you the better.

As a general rule the more a site links to you the better, this doesn't apply to every site however it does apply to most sites.

Targeted links can really help your rankings, so focus on your niche, aim for specific products and use targeted anchors in the links.

Targeted anchor text can help your rankings as well, anchor text should be relevant to your site and ideally should contain your niche or keyphrase.

Inbound links are links within your own site that link to another page on your site, the better these links are the higher your page rank will be, it is important to keep your inbound links relevant to your site and contain the keyphrase or niche phrase your site is about, the better they are the higher your site will rank.

If you link to sites that are already highly ranked on your own site then this will help, try and target specific pages within the site and try and link to similar pages within the site.

There are of course other tools you can use to check the relevance of a site, but it is also important to check the relevancy of a site, using the search engines to check the relevancy is a very effective way to build your rankings.

What are directories in SEO?

Directories are collections of websites. These websites are linked together and can be found simply by typing in the URL or a domain name and that site into a search engine. There are thousands of websites that are not so search engine friendly, but still have a web presence.

Are directories good for SEO?

Search engines are moving away from the idea that is used to describe directories like Yahoo or DMOZ as an indexing site and are taking up a strong negative connotation in the webmasters' community. However, a directory that is indexed correctly can improve your search engine results and provide valuable backlinks to your website.

How do I submit my website to a free directory?

You can submit your website to a free directory through their online submission form or by using the phone number provided on the directory's home page. It is also possible to submit through their offline directory submission method.

Are Web Directories still relevant for SEO in 2021?

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process as opposed to static. There is a process of continual improvement and refinement that needs to be completed on a regular basis for effective results to be seen. The latest methodology that is being adopted by a lot of webmasters is the Web Directories.

How do I submit my website to online directories?

There are several directories on the web to which you can submit your website for listing purposes. You will not only be listed in the directories you submit to on the main directory site, you will also be listed in the directories you submit to on the other directories/citations sites.


If you would like to submit your site into web directory on very old, good domains (from 2006) here is a short list you can use:


These directories are from 2006



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