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Welcome to SPENGA Cherry Hill, conveniently located at 815 B Haddonfield Road, to experience the best workout ever – https://cherryhillnj.spenga.com/intro-offer

SPENGA's format of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga combines the three pillars of fitness all in one 60-minute group training workout. Led by our highly trained instructors, our philosophy makes for strong bodies and strong minds.

You won't find a workout like this at your local gym.

SPENGA is a community of like-minded individuals all looking to make the most out of their lives and their workouts, and every time you step into our studio, we guarantee we'll be there cheering you on every ride, rep and revive! Are you ready to WERK?

SPENGA workouts are an unrivaled fitness experience. Unlike any gym or studio of its kind, SPENGA combines the three pillars of fitness to create what's simply known as the best workout ever.

This unique concept fills a void in the market by delivering cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility in every group training session, through a combination of spin, strength training, and yoga.

Our style workout creates a multi-sensory experience with space dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, invigorating aromatherapy and workouts fueled by energizing DJ-inspired beats.

We believe strong bodies and minds are created through the power of ride, rep, revive. And when your fitness routine works, life just works too.

Spin-Strength-Yoga – Group Classes Cherry Hill NJ

SPENGA Cherry Hill
815B Haddonfield Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 651-6568


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Why SPENGA Works!
SPENGA is the first studio of its kind to put equal focus on Cardio-Strength-Flexibility all in one 60-minute workout.

Our philosophy is, Werk smarter not harder!

SPENGA prides itself on delivering a workout that will maximize your results without breaking down your body.

Our workouts consist of All The Burn Without The Burnout!

Our members love SPENGA’s 20-20-20 format and the fact that once they complete a segment, they are on to the next one.

This allows them to push harder and avoid the burnout of having to return to each section for multiple intervals.

First 20-minute part of the workout – SPIN
Huge caloric burn with very low impact to heat up your body and start shredding calories!

SPENGA kicks off with SPIN to immediately heat up the body and start shredding calories.

Spin Sweet Spot customizes your ride and determines your personal spin power training zones.

Our spin sessions are based on Power. Power is a combination of how fast you are pedaling (RPMs) and how much resistance you have on the bike.

Sweet Spot is calculated by your performance and the amount of power you generate.

SPENGA’s training zones combine aerobic and anaerobic training to deliver a calorie-torching result that continues for hours after your session.

Our technology continues to evaluate your Sweet Spot & makes adjustments based on your performance.

Second 20-minutes part of the workout – STRENGTH
Our instructors stay with you every step of the way to personalize the experience and make modifications.

Next, we head to STRENGTH.
When you increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolism, and your body will burn more calories.

SPENGA programs are backed by science and are ever-changing with innovative exercise selection to keep the body guessing and ensure that the workout is plateau-proof.


Programming is developed using a specific formula to ensure that each client increases lean muscle and continues torching calories


Our instructors stay with you every step of the way to personalize the experience, improve form, and to make any necessary modifications.


SPENGA’s multisensory experience offers space dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, invigorating aromatherapy and workouts fueled by energizing DJ-inspired playlists.

Third 20-minutes part of the workout – YOGA
Restores the body and allows for quicker recovery between workouts.

YOGA is a great way to increase circulation, improve posture and alignment, and promote recovery.

Yoga Strength

Yoga kicks off with strength driven poses to keep the body working. Since it is the last portion of the workout, the body is hot, fatigued, and will be challenged through different movements.

And we only get stronger when we recover. Our Yoga programming addresses key components of health such as establishing breath-to-movement patterns, balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation; most of which are missing from typical workouts.


Next, we transition into deeper flexibility poses to start cooling the body down.

Yoga Recovery

Yoga ends with a well-deserved recovery, where you’re encouraged to leave it all on the mat.

SPENGA is not your typical Yoga experience.

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SPENGA Cherry Hill NJ

Spinning-Strength-Yoga Classes all in one 60-minute class

What does SPENGA stand for?
SPENGA stands for SPIN, STRENGTH, YOGA. Our founders recognized the current craze for boutique fitness but also saw the limitation. Most boutique concepts focus on one activity resulting in limited results and members that get bored.

What is SPENGA exercise?
SPENGA is the first studio of its kind, to put equal focus on all three components in one 60-minute workout, through a combination of spin, strength and yoga.

Is SPENGA for a beginner?
If you're at any fitness level and want a lower-impact workout and incorporate more stretching into your routine then Spenga is perfect for you.

Does SPENGA really work?
If you need Netflix to make it through a treadmill run, SPENGA is for you. If you're seeking serious gains on the bike or weights, SPENGA's 20-minute sessions probably won't be sufficient. But SPENGA is an efficient way to squeeze in multiple forms of cross-training during intense training segments.

Does SPENGA help with weight loss?
The SPENGA format is versatile and effective. It provides a truly well-rounded workout with serious benefits. In one month, with a proper diet, you will see weight loss, increased muscle tone, and a host of overall health improvements.

How old do you have to be for SPENGA?
A member must be at least 13 years old

How long has SPENGA been around?
SPENGA was founded in 2015 by Amy Nielsen, Heather Ruff, and Roger McGreal in Mokena, Illinois. The company's name is a portmanteau of “spin,” “strength,” and “yoga,” which are all featured in the brand's hybrid 60-minute workout classes.

What is SPENGA sweet spot?
Sweet Spot customizes your ride and determines your personal spin power training zones. Sweet Spot is calculated by your performance and the amount of power you generate. SPENGA's training zones combine aerobic and anaerobic training to deliver a calorie torching result that continues for hours after your session.

What do I need to bring to SPENGA?
– What to bring to your session
– Water bottle (SPENGA bottles available for purchase) & we have bottled water available for purchase.
– Personal sweat towel.
– We supply top-of-the-line Manduka Yoga mats (or bring your own if you prefer)

Can you go to different SPENGA locations?
Additionally, since Spenga fitness studios are privately owned, you cannot visit other studios in your surrounding area with the same membership. You will have to change memberships to go to another studio.

What is SPENGA revive?
Our REVIVE class is a 45 minute class that allows you to focus on your breathing, stretching, core and stability. We always spend the last 20.

How do I become a SPENGA instructor?
– Current personal/group training certification; Spin and yoga certifications are a plus.
– Willingness to learn.
– Ability to multi-task and command a room.
– Motivation and drive.
– Energy and confidence.
– Experience and/or certifications in Personal Training and/or Group Fitness Training, Spinning, Yoga.

Testimonial Reviews:

glowing gaming galapagos says, “I've been going to SPENGA for more than 4 months and have loved every session! All the instructors are super friendly and always welcoming whenever I walk through the door! Brie always brings the energy to her sessions with great music and a fun but challenging workout! I highly recommend it to anyone who's never worked out before or has been working out for years!”

Tina Giordano says, “SPENGA is the best! It is unlike any other workout class I have taken before. The combination of spin, strength, and yoga leaves you feeling amazing after every class! All of the staff and instructors are great and the studio is always thoroughly clean for each class. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a new workout class!”

Cam M says, “Went here for a morning class with Alexcia. So much fun! Love the combination of cardio, strength, and mobility. Alexcia was an awesome coach and made it super fun. The whole staff was very attentive and made sure my group and I had everything we needed. Would definitely recommend!”

MoveWithMoth says, “Omg best class experience ever!! I’m normally not a class person. I’m a bodybuilder so I liked lifting by myself in slow pace. Last week, I tried their class for the first time because my cardio is getting boring. Spin was so much fun, I’ll need more practice but Brie was loud and clear and motivated us the whole ride as she was riding with us! Strength was my favorite. Full body workout and enough time to burn the muscles. Yoga was so relaxing and I know I need to do more of that and stretching. SPENGA is really 3 in 1. You get to do cardio, strength training and stretching in one place. Staff there are very nice. I’m in love <3”

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