Xtreme Network Membership

$47.00 / month

Xtreme Network Membership

Your Journey Starts Here!

  • Become An Author On The EZI Xtreme Network
  • One PRIMARY Image Per Article
  • One Primary EXTERNAL Link Per Article
  • Other External Links Available (map embeds etc.)
  • One INTERNAL Link Per Article
  • One VIDEO EMBED Per Article
  • Syndicated To Social Media
  • Syndicated To EZi Xtreme Network (30+ Authority Sites)
  • Syndicated To GQ Central Network (more sites!)
  • No Spam
  • No Porn
  • No Excuses!



Welcome To The Limits of Strategy Membership Area

This is the first of many websites available to you within the Xtreme Network … we all have to start somewhere and this is your initial training ground

Authors will initially be given the ‘junior author' role, which will allow members to submit for approval their articles for syndication to the EZi Xtreme Network.

ALL articles MUST BE UNIQUE and PASS potential COPYSCAPE or GRAMMARLY PLAGIARISM checks before being allowed into the network.

We will instruct each and every author on exactly how to achieve this on a regular basis

THIS IS NOT a churn and burn article syndication network, we want top quality articles so that when they are syndicated throughout the XTREME NETWORK (approx 120 sites and growing daily) & The GQ Central Network (approx 450 sites) that authors can maximize their online efforts and achieve the absolute best positions in the SERPs

Articles are automatically uploaded to webmaster consoles that can see your articles rocket to the top in some of the most popular search engines in the shortest possible time … during testing, we have seen outstanding results within MINUTES of the article being accepted and published.

Be The Best That You Can Be …


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