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We set about writing this article about AI content writers with some trepidation. Scroll down to see our List of AI Content Writers.

Is it being too much of a purist to say that the very idea of entrusting writing to a machine, no matter how clever, is a folly? That it will inevitably result in not only fake content but dangerous content given that no machine so far can appreciate right from wrong let alone more balanced ethical concerns.

Feeding the online world on itself could contaminate future minds by clogging up the online world with incorrect and out of date content.

And, then we calmed down. Yes, we decided. Only a Luddite could deny that AI writers when used correctly, should actually improve writing. It should be able to transform dull informative articles into entertaining information-packed and authoritative writing.

Image text: "List of AI Content Writers Artificial!".

Never Forget “A” is for Artificial when Using AI Content

There is good reason to simply look at AI content writers simply as a tool. The ability of AI content writer apps to help writers produce interesting and useful writing is improving in leaps and bounds. It has increased greatly, even if we only look back 12 months.

But, never forget the use of the word “artificial” in the term Artificial Intelligence is there for a reason.

The video below explains a novel way one software uses AI in connection with Youtube video embedding to create great posts on trending subjects:

Thorough Proofreading and Fact-checking

With thorough proofreading and fact-checking, the best of these apps may at least, by lowering the entry cost for new bloggers, encourage young talented writers to start their blogging careers.

The fact is that when increasing numbers of people are faced with the choice of needing either:

  • to hire non-expert writers to create rich niche content for their website from scratch or
  • employ less personnel to check and have them correct and amend AI-generated written content,

they are opting for the AI option. (See our List of AI Content Writers below to try this yourself.)

AI does at least have the ability to analyse highly-niched data to bring forward content that would never have been known to the layman by research. Obscure niche topics can become highly profitable sites in time and AI can certainly be useful for SEO purposes when new companies seek to enter those emerging markets.

 A Definition of AI Content Writers

AI content writers are a type of machine intelligence generated writer that uses algorithms to write content and some can often produce high-quality content faster than you could. While these writers are more efficient than humans, they are variable in the quality of their text. They are certainly not perfect and they need human editing.

Choosing an AI content writer will allow you to focus on creating the most valuable content for your website while avoiding the problems of hiring a bad writer or junk freelancer. Moreover, you can be sure that the content you receive will be free of copyright issues for all apps in our List of AI Content Writers. But, just to check that's true is a good policy. You can always check for plagiarism by using Copyscape.

AI Content Writers List

Choosing the right AI content writer depends on several factors, including the size of your team. Check out the following List of AI Content Writers:


For small-to-medium-sized businesses, MarketMuse is an advanced AI content creator that helps you every step of the way. You can choose between a free trial and paid plans but all the paid plans are very expensive. It may be good for those with deep pockets but when starting out the free version is very limited in the queries you can do.

The MarketMuse promotional material suggests that it is the best AI content writer and will be able to produce multiple pieces of content quickly. The price of an AI content writer depends on the amount of content searching work you want the writer to do and the sophistication of their tools for assessing the right content requirements necessary to bring in top Google listings. Free resources will always require a lot of editing.

Jasper (formerly Jarvis)

Jarvis is an AI writing assistant with over fifty copywriting templates. The program can generate copy for blogs, social media profiles, ads, and email campaigns. The AI engine of Jarvis uses OpenAI and GPT-3 technology to produce unique text. You can also track your progress and see how much your copywriter has accomplished so far. Jarvis is suitable for both new bloggers and professional agencies alike. With its wide range of features and affordable price, it has a lot to offer.

When it comes to generating digital content, you can use Jasper's artificial intelligence (AI) to write anything from articles and blog entries to social media postings and sales pages. In my opinion, it's one of the most successful content marketing techniques for the year 2022!

With jasper. AI, you can write full-length blogs in minutes instead of hours or days. The number of previous posts, articles, and instructions on your website depends on your company and content strategy. In reality, most bloggers find that many hundreds of hours of writing time go to waste because most internet users don't even realise they exist. Why aren't visitors, leads, and money increasing from the content? The reason is that others write content that is simply better search engine optimised and it's their content that gets seen and not yours.

If that is happening, and for most writers of amazing content that is what's occurring you can reclaim lost traffic and money by re-optimizing this previously published material. With the Jasper linked optimisation software “Surfer”. The two work together to produce articles that are both great writings and also will be seen on the search engines.


For instance, Zyro generates multiple versions of a paragraph, but you can combine both versions to get a more comprehensive piece. Moreover, free AI content writers are really suited for creating short-form content when you are stuck for something to say. Zyro says that their free AI paragraph writing tool makes it simple for anyone to create a beautiful website or launch an online store with minimal effort. However, it's not meant to write long articles and you will struggle to create any more than a couple of paragraphs with it in our opinion.


Other than the AI writers in our List of AI Content Writers, there are other AI tools that can help you create quality content. For instance, Writesonic is another competitive AI writing tool. This AI tool uses natural language processing to determine keywords and context. Its prices and features make it a good choice for smaller companies. However, it may be good for larger companies.


Another AI content writer that can help you create unique content is WordHero. This tool uses eight different deep learning models to produce content that is high-quality and plagiarism-free. This tool is available in several plans: free, unlimited, and saver. It is recommended for people who want to save time while writing content. Its price range is reasonable. So, when choosing an AI content writer, keep in mind that you can opt for one with a free trial plan.


CopyMatic offers a variety of features including article writing and landing page creation. The AI is trained on a variety of top brands to create copy that converts. The software can also generate a series of versions of content based on the type of material. Moreover, it can create multiple versions of text that are tailored to your audience. This AI content writer is available on JVZOO and can be accessed from any device.


GPT-3 is said to be the most potent language model ever created. When given an opening sentence, its predecessor, GPT-2, was already capable of producing convincing streams of text in a variety of styles. GPT-3, on the other hand, represents a significant advancement. The model has 175 billion parameters (the values that a neural network tries to optimise during training), versus GPT-2's already massive 1.5 billion. And when it comes to language models, size does matter. But, from what people have been saying, use it carefully because GPT-3 is still prone to using sexist and racist slurs. AI Content Generator

Using a sophisticated AI-based software writer such as that provided by that can generate material ranging from short-form concepts like sales copy to long-form blog posts and articles may help you gain popularity for your website. There are two AI engines available for use with the AI content generator:

  • Tinyseed, on the one hand, produces low-quality but high-volume information, although at a slower rate than Open AI gpt-3.
  • On the other hand, the alternative offered, necessitates additional fact-checking and editing because of the generated content. Professional content creators realise how much time and work it takes to develop high-quality material that truly engages their audience. If you're writing blog posts or articles or even interacting with your audience on social media, it can be a tedious process to develop information that not only informs but also speaks to their hearts.

List of AI Content Writers Conclusion

The best AI content writer for your website depends on how much you value quality and originality. AI content writer tools are not yet perfect and can't write your content flawlessly. However, the quality of content generated by these tools should be high.

If you want to have high-quality and error-free content, you can opt for an AI content writer that uses multiple models. When used to write sales copy this could greatly improve your conversion rates. But, before you make your decision, it is important to know the limitations of these tools.

While you can hire a human writer to write content for your website, AI writers can write marketing copy as well. AI writers can even produce content for blog posts, social media captions, and even full-length novels. AI content writers are capable of creating all kinds of content and can be the answer to your content writing woes. You can learn more about these AI content writer tools and choose the best one for your website.

Artificial intelligence (AI) content writers may be taking over the position of content writers, and we encourage you to consider how AI content writer tools might help you improve as a professional content writer.

Using content generators, you may also repurpose old articles, blogs, and other content. Another innovative use of AI is using it to write in-demand and trending content based on popular YouTube videos and you can find out about that at



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