InSinkErator Waste Disposal

An InSinkErator waste disposal is basically a food waste shredder and pulverizer that revolutionizes the way food waste is disposed of in residential kitchens.

Waste disposal has never been easier, thanks to this ingenious invention that liquefies food waste and transports it to the sewer system using water as a carrier. Make sure you don't have a smelly container of food waste sitting around the kitchen for days, attracting insects in an unsanitary way. Meticulously designed to comply with sewage regulations, this product gently shreds food waste using blades so that drains are not clogged with food waste.

A combination of food waste and water from the cold ambient tap is fed into the garbage disposal. Food waste is easily and quickly ground into small particles, without knives or blades, and no special equipment is required. Then, the food waste is passed through the waste shredder into your waste disposal system or sewerage system.
The Insinkerator food waste disposal is designed to process a wide variety of food waste, including fish and poultry bones as well as meat, fish scraps, vegetables, fruit, egg shells and a variety of other items. Food waste shredders are designed to be used for food waste only, and packaging items should not be thrown into the shredder.

As part of a whole kitchen renovation, adding an InSinkErator is a great option!

Using an InSinkErator Waste Disposal consists of only four simple steps:

During food preparation and cleanup, place all food waste in the sink for disposal.
First, open the cold water faucet in the room and then open the waste shredder.
Put the food waste into the InSinkErator. Keep an eye on the unit to make sure it is doing its job.
Turn off the InSinkErator and run water for a few seconds to flush the drains when the shredding process is complete.
Never throw grease or fatty materials down the waste shredder or any other drain.

The cost of purchasing and installing an InSinkErator waste disposal will depend on the model you choose to install, as well as the configuration of your kitchen and drainage system. After an assessment by a qualified plumber, we can provide you with an estimate based on the most appropriate installation technique. You can of course install them yourself however it is recommended to use a licensed plumber.

If you treat the unit carefully and do not discharge anything that is not intended for the InSinkErator, it is assumed that the systems will be maintenance-free. You should also use the system regularly to ensure that it does not dry out.

InSinkErator Waste Disposal

In this article, we cover five reasons why you should install an InSinkErator food waste disposal system in your kitchen.


With the InSinkErator food waste shredder, you can keep your kitchen clean and sanitary at all times. When you are in the process of preparing dinner, you can immediately throw the food waste into the kitchen sink. In its magic, the system will convert the waste into fine particles that will be disposed of through the sewage system. This will reduce the time you spend carrying food waste to the trash can and keep your kitchen bench clean on a regular basis.


You will have less garbage waste when you use the InSinkErator food waste shredder in your kitchen. You won't have to fill garbage bags with waste that attracts pests and creates unpleasant odors if the garbage is left outside before collection day, because the garbage will be picked up on time. All food waste is disposed of shortly after it is generated in a safe and continuous manner.


The InSinkErator food waste shredder is an adaptable unit that can be installed in any kitchen. Installation of the unit in an existing kitchen, whether you are building a new home, renovating your kitchen, or simply replacing an old kitchen, can be done by a licensed plumber. The unit is installed under your existing or new sink (inside the cabinet). Installation is simple and direct and the gadget does not take up much space.


Use the Food Waste Disposer in an environmentally responsible way. Reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by using a smart and creative technical solution that liquefies food waste and transports it through the wastewater system. Reducing waste in landfills benefits the environment and contributes to a more resilient ecosystem.


During normal operation, the InSinkErator food waste disposer is virtually silent. You won't even notice it liquefying your food waste when it's on. If you're entertaining guests, the quiet operation is ideal, as it runs silently in the background and keeps your kitchen clean and tidy. Plus, the waste is continuously removed, so you don't have to accumulate a large amount of waste before you can throw it away.

Create and maintain a safe and hygienic kitchen with a reliable and efficient system that removes liquefied food that leaves the property via the InSinkErator waste disposal system.

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Grind natural food waste with a moderate flow of cold water to a fine consistency.
Grind vegetable scraps, fruit pits, eggshells, pasta, rice, and meat scraps, among others, in a food processor.
Coffee grounds should be disposed of in the garbage disposal.
FILL THE SINK WITH WATER SO THAT IT CLEANS ITSELF. After grinding or emptying the sink, run the disposer and the surrounding cold WATER for a few seconds before turning it off.
DO NOT throw GLASS, STRINGS OR WIRE in the garbage disposal; use NATURAL LIFE WASTE instead.
DO NOT grind up eggshells, as the fine sludge can settle in the pipes and clog them.
DO NOT use HOT WATER when grinding. Using hot water is a waste of energy and cold water will do just fine.
Do not flush grease or oil down the toilet or sink drains.
Leave the disposer and water running until all noises, such as motor whirring and water flow, have subsided, then turn the disposer off completely.
The use of SOLVENTS OR CHEMICALS in the disposer is strictly prohibited.

Is Your InSinkErator Waste Disposal Clogged?

Here's how to unclog and clean it!

You can actually use your InSinkErator to unclog a sink clogged with food particles. Like the blades of a blender, the InSinkErator's blades rotate quickly and continuously in a circular pattern. With these sharp blades, food waste is chopped into tiny particles small enough to pass through the drain. Preparation and proper technique are essential to ensure the flow works properly and minimize damage to the blades. With the help of a powerful InSinkErator waste disposal, you can keep food scraps and waste from getting in the way.

What you need for this
Rubber gloves are also available.
Removable drain cover


Fill the sink halfway with hot water and a quarter cup of baking soda, then let the water drain out. Turn on the InSinkErator to vacuum the water and baking soda through the drain and clean the drain blades.
To eliminate drain odors, place citrus pieces in your InSinkErator and turn on the unit.
Wearing rubber gloves will prevent you from coming into contact with the food waste you are processing. Sort through the waste and remove anything from the pile that is too hard to cut with a knife. Small bones and peelings are shredded in the InSinkErator, but they dull the blades of the machine.
Food scraps should be pushed into the sink until they are large enough to be covered with a removable sink cover. Turn on the faucet and allow the cold water to flow gradually but evenly into the sink.
The power switch for the InSinkErator is located on the wall above the sink, near the faucet. Some drain switches are arranged so that they can also control one or more light fixtures.
Turn on the InSinkErator by pressing the power button. Observe how the unit grinds the food scraps until it makes a steady, whirring sound as it discharges all the fragments. To turn the disposer off, press the switch again.

Frequently asked questions about the INSINKERATOR WASTE DISPOSAL InSinkErator Waste Disposal

Food waste disposal systems, like the InSinkErator, are a forward-thinking way to remove food from your sink. Avoid throwing food in the trash can, as it can attract insects and cause unpleasant odors. Food should be disposed of through the wastewater system as soon as possible. This is safe, sanitary and helps reduce waste going to landfills.

How long the life of an InSinkErator is a good question.
It is estimated that the average life of an InSinkErator is between 10 and 15 years. The life of the unit is determined by the frequency of use, quality of maintenance, and management of the unit.

Is it necessary to empty the contents of an InSinkErator?
No, it is not. The food waste is atomized by the system into fine particles, which are then discharged into the wastewater hose. As the food waste passes through the system in a liquid state, the pulverization process prevents the food debris from clogging the drain.

What happens to the waste generated by InSinkErator?
Answer: the garbage is disposed of into the sewer system and then outside the property lines. In addition, because the debris has been atomized and liquefied into tiny particles, it can be easily transported into the network by the force of flowing water.

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  1. One of the differences between the US seems to be that although sink macerators make good sense in my opinion for food waste disposal, they are frowned upon by the UK Water Companies because they would add loading to every sewage works and we’d have to pay more on our sewage bills for sewage works upgrades.

    The EU wants everything source-separated and separately collected. So, they don’t like them.

    But sink macerators don’t seem to be considered a problem in the US.

  2. The primary difference Steve is that most US households use cesspits rather than mains sewage … to be honest, the UK companies should be pleased that macerators chop up the waste on their behalf .. you, I am sure, have seen the industrial macerators that sewage companies use to chop up larger particulate matter such as toilet paper, tampons, baby wipes (which they hate) etc. . .for me the Insinkerator is a great idea 🙂

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