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When Should You Go To Couples Counselling?

Don't put off seeking couples counseling until things have gotten out of hand. Although we urge that you try to solve your difficulties together, you must seek the assistance of a professional couple counselor when necessary.

This will allow you to work things out without putting undue strain on your relationship or each other.

Be aware that your partner may be reluctant to participate in couples counseling, but if one person is committed to it, the other may be eager to try it. Even if just one person is willing to see a therapist, this can be beneficial to both the relationship and the individual.

When should we seek relationship counseling?

Every partnership faces obstacles that must often be overcome over time. The sooner you get assistance, the better. When negative communication patterns, relationships, and behavior become ingrained, it is essential to seek expert help through relationship therapy. It is preferable to seek couple or marriage counselling before the patterns become entrenched. Many relationship issues can be resolved via active participation in marriage or relationship counselling.
Unfortunately, many people wait until their relationship is hopeless before seeking couples counseling or solo therapy. Relationship counseling benefits greatly from early intervention.

It's fantastic if you can address your relationship's problems on your own. If you have already tried and failed, obtaining couples counseling from a psychologist can help move your relationship forward and release you from the confines of the bad patterns that have been created in your relationship. In an ideal world, both partners would be willing to pursue couples therapy. However, one partner may be unwilling to do so.

Although it may appear to be a daunting thought at first, many couples discover that their relationship benefits when they are open-minded and eager to collaborate with their partner. Couples not only have the opportunity to grow together and learn from one another, but


It is not necessary to bring anything or to prepare formally for your first couples counseling session. Many couples want to consider why they are attending counseling and what concerns they want to explore, although this is not required.

An experienced couples counsellor will be able to start the process by asking questions that will get you thinking and talking about the issues in your relationship that you and your spouse are experiencing.


The ground rules and boundaries of relationship counselling are established in the first session. You and your spouse can anticipate the therapist to discuss confidentiality, reporting obligations (e.g., child abuse, etc.), their policy about refusals, and their methods for working with couples on relationship issues during this initial session.

Once this information is clear, the couple's counselor will normally collect a brief history of the issues or problems that brought them to the session, as well as the history of their relationship.

They may then ask queries such as.

What issues have you had in your relationship?

How long have these issues been a source of contention in your relationship?

Have you ever seen a relationship therapist?

What steps have you and your spouse taken to address these issues?

What do you want to get out of couples counselling?

The initial phase of sessions is mostly concerned with obtaining information, while actual and pressing issues may be discussed and worked on during this time. The real work of counselling usually begins in session two.

Couples counseling can provide the following benefits, among others.

We learn to communicate more effectively and to listen to our partners without leaping to conclusions or initiating an argument.
Understanding our partner's hardships, challenges, and concerns;
Learn to argue and differ without destroying one another;
Improving sexual and non-sexual intimacy.
Respecting family connections (particularly in blended families);
Learning about personal boundaries and history that we may not have been aware of previously;
determining whether the link may still be salvaged;
Mediating the dissolution of a relationship.

If you believe your relationship could benefit from couples counseling, please contact Andrea. Please contact us; we look forward to assisting you.

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